Be Global E-Commerce Corporation

Our Mission:

Fostering Business Growth for Our Partners Through E‑Commerce

Our Core Values Comprised of FIRE & ICE

We believe in having the balance of character and performance as foundation of our company’s culture.

Below are the reasons for our FIRE & ICE acronym:

  • Faith—Faith in God, faith in team, faith in our partners
  • Integrity—we do what is right
  • Relationship—We value relationship more than profit.
  • Excellence—we perform more than expected
  • Initiative & Commitment—We do more than what is asked, before it is asked. We handle brands as if it’s our own.
  • Change & Adaptability—we embrace change and make sure we adapt to it
  • Efficiency—we pursue excellence at the least amount of effort and time. Excellence not just dictated by time

Our Mission

  1. To provide the best end to end e-commerce service.
  2. To build and sustain a great business partnership with our partners as an online distributor of various brands.
  3. To guarantee the satisfaction and happiness of all our customers.
  4. To build a long lasting relationship with the platforms which we are in.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the most reliable e-commerce service enabler and online distributor in the Philippines.

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