Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery

Your customer expects a swift and safe delivery of their orders. Be Global E-commerce is here to help you meet that expectation with our last-mile delivery services. We offer our own logistic arrangement to complete the supply chain and ensure the safe distribution of your products wherever your customers are. 

The Importance of Last Mile Delivery Solution 

  • 98.1% of e-commerce consumers say delivery experience affects brand loyalty (EFT Last Mile Retail Study, 2018)
  • 83% of online shoppers want regular customer support and communication regarding their order status (Cision, 2013)
  • 84% of consumers will not come back to the shop after just one poor delivery experience (Convery, 2022)

The Philippine E-commerce sales are expected to hit P969 billion by 2026. As an e-commerce business owner, this could mean three things for you: more orders, more deliveries to make, and a continual need for last-mile delivery services. 

Last Mile Delivery refers to the process of delivering products to customers’ doorstep. It is the last step in order fulfillment but it is also among the most crucial steps. Filipino online shoppers now demand quick and reliable delivery of their orders. They expect to receive their parcel in the best shape and condition. To win their heart and loyalty, you need to meet this expectation and deliver your product like a pro.

Be Global E-commerce Corporation continues to strive to become the best last mile delivery partner for e-commerce businesses and startups in the Philippines. With our reliable fulfillment networks, we are able to offer affordable, complete, and express delivery solutions for our clients and their customers.

Our Last Mile Delivery Solution

Guided Onboarding

Last mile fulfillment can be a tricky task. Picking up the goods and dropping them off may sound easy, but a lot is going on in the process. Don’t worry, before you start your journey with us, our team will explain to you how our fulfillment and last-mile delivery service works. You’ll never feel alone, because we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

Final Mile Experts 

Be Global E-commerce Corporation is partnered with multiple top couriers in the Philippines. These trusted companies were carefully reviewed by our team. So you can expect that only the best delivery professionals will handle your parcel. 

Fast and Reliable Delivery Service 

We specialize in local delivery. As a last-mile delivery expert, we guarantee we can reach wherever your customers are in the Philippines. Whether they are in the city or the suburbs, we ensure that your products are delivered to their location on time and every time.  

Affordable Delivery Solution  

In the Philippines, last mile delivery cost isn’t cheap. However, if you partner with us you can save and enjoy the best rate available. We offer exclusive pricing to help you save and earn for every order you fulfill. 

End-to-end Tracking 

With our last mile delivery service, you can follow your parcels from the moment they leave our warehouse until they reach your customers’ doorstep. We promise that you and your customer will have complete visibility of the product. You’ll get updates and notifications for its status every step of the way. 

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction 

With efficient delivery service, you can build trust and even promote brand loyalty among your customers. We also have a customer support department who are passionate and ready to answer your customers’ concerns and inquiries. We take a tailored and humanized approach to elevate your customer relationship on a personal level. 

Your Last Mile Delivery Partner in the Philippines 

In this industry, we know that every minute counts. So, we make sure that your products are delivered with speed and precision. But Be Global E-commerce Corporation’s last mile delivery solution isn’t all about fast delivery. Our services are customized and tailored to meet your business and customers’ expectations.

Whatever your requirements are, our team makes sure your packages get where they need to go. Contact us today to know how your last mile delivery service can propel your business to the top.

Frequently Asked Questions About Last Mile Delivery

Do you have partner companies for third-party deliveries?

Be Global E-commerce Corporation currently partners with well-known and trusted delivery companies in the Philippines to ensure reliable and efficient delivery. Additionally, we are constantly evaluating new partnerships to expand our network and offer competitive rates.

Through partnerships and network expansion, Be Global E-commerce Corporation can reach your customers anywhere in the Philippines and soon worldwide.

We prioritize communication with customers, offer real-time delivery tracking, and provide professional and courteous delivery personnel.

We have partnered with companies known for their careful handling and customer service. However, in the rare case of damage, your customers can contact us. We’ll work with our delivery partner to resolve the issue promptly and ensure your satisfaction.

We offer expertise, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, provide flexible options, and free up your resources to focus on core business activities.

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