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3 Ways to Sell on Facebook (Philippines) in 2024


3 different ways to sell items on Facebook

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When it comes to social media usage in the Philippines, only a few can keep up with Facebook. Now called Meta, the giant social media has more than 90 million active users every month.

However, Facebook is no longer just a social media platform where you can display your product or connect with your audience. It’s also a powerful e-commerce channel in the Philippines where you can sell products.

There are many ways to sell on Facebook. In fact, Meta itself provided several features, tools, and platforms to support e-commerce businesses to sell more online. We’ll cover all of these Facebook sales channels in detail in this guide.

But first, why sell on Facebook?

Facebook is very popular among Filipinos. According to a global ranking, the country has the sixth largest number of users on the social media platform. That only means that businesses, both online and offline, have huge opportunities on Facebook. No matter what your niche and product are, you can find a potential market to sell on the Facebook platform.

What’s more, 86% of online shoppers in the Philippines directly buy products from social media. This trend only shows that a growing number of Filipinos already rely on social platforms like Facebook not only for social interaction but also to find and purchase products.

The social nature of Facebook also offers a huge opportunity for e-commerce businesses and brands to establish real connections with their audience. Using Facebook Messenger, sellers and buyers can connect directly. 

This is particularly important as 53% of consumers are more likely to shop with a business they can message.

An additional advantage of selling on Facebook is that you can do it completely free. And who doesn’t want free, right? The absence of listing fees makes the platform even more accessible to small businesses out there.

How to Sell on FB in 2024: the 3 Different Ways

Selling on Facebook isn’t a new thing. However, every year social media launches several updates that may affect several e-commerce businesses. For example, last April 2023, Meta removed Shops in the Philippines and other APAC countries. The company also shut down the Live Shopping feature in 2022.

But this does not mean that Facebook has lost its value for e-commerce. There are still many ways to sell on Facebook effectively. Here are some of the best methods for e-commerce businesses to increase their sales on the platform:

1. Facebook Marketplace

listing items on Facebook marketplace

Currently, the Facebook Marketplace provides the best way for e-commerce businesses to sell on the Facebook platform in the Philippines. This is due to the absence of Facebook Shop and Live Shopping features.

Facebook Marketplace is a sales channel that was launched in 2016. It’s an e-commerce platform where Facebook users can buy and sell anything. It can be spare goods, used items, or even brand-new products. Think of it as Craigslist, but more powerful.

According to a recent report, Facebook Marketplace has over a billion users worldwide. What makes it an attractive platform for e-commerce businesses is its provision of different filtering options, enabling users to sell more effectively.

When selling products on Facebook Marketplace, you can include product title, condition, description, location, number of stocks, and product tags.

While the Facebook Marketplace doesn’t offer a storefront for your account, there are a few ways for you to reach your customers.

One effective way is to boost your listing after publishing. This is one of the recent features of Facebook Marketplace designed for e-commerce businesses.

2. Selling on Facebook Groups

selling item on Facebook group

Meta allows users to sell items and products in Groups. As the name suggests, Facebook groups are communities that may center around a specific topic or location. For e-commerce businesses, gaining direct access to this niche audience can provide you with a great advantage.

By posting attractive offers, testimonials, and knowledge, you can significantly increase your brand awareness. And since these groups share the same interest, you have more chances to generate leads, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately create sales.

Buy-and-Sell groups can also help e-commerce businesses build trust and loyalty. You just need to make sure you are always there for your customers. You can interact with them directly, answer their questions, address their concerns, and collect feedback.

3. Live Selling

live selling on Facebook

Lower those eyebrows now, we know what you are thinking. Facebook Shopping is still not available in the Philippines. However, you can sell items on Facebook Live using the Livestream feature. In fact, Meta, itself, clarifies this with a Facebook post.

Selling using Facebook’s live streaming functions is still possible because of the comment and messenger feature. These two functions enable direct interaction with potential buyers, fostering engagement and real-time communication.

However, the bells and whistles function is no longer there. If you want easier and more effective live selling, you can do it on Lazada, Shopee, or Tiktok.

Sell More on Facebook!

Finding the best ways to sell on Facebook is one thing. Selling effectively on the platform and other e-commerce channels is another. 

Be Global E-commerce can help you in both ways. From digital marketing to web design, logistics, and customer service, we offer e-commerce services that can match your unique needs and budget.

Contact us today and let’s take your brand to new heights together.

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