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Everything You Need to Know About Temu Philippines (So Far)


Everything to know about Temu Philippines

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In September 2022, Temu e-commerce went live in the United States and caused a huge stir in the e-commerce scene. Just nine months later, Temu entered the Philippines, joining 48 other countries.

Despite the low-key launch, Temu Philippines quickly gained the attention of Filipino shoppers thanks to its incredibly low prices and discounts as high as 90%.

We created this guide to unveil everything you need to know about Temu Philippines, whether you’re a consumer hunting for the best deals or a seller looking for a new marketplace.

Who is Temu anyway?

Temu is an online e-commerce marketplace owned by PDD Holdings,  a prominent Chinese e-commerce conglomerate. Interestingly,  despite PDD’s Chinese roots and the majority of its products being shipped directly from Guangzhou, Temu was founded in Boston.

Like major marketplaces in the Philippines, Temu is accessible on both a website and a mobile application. It has 29 categories, encompassing apparel, beauty, home essentials, sports, electronics, and more.

Notably, Temu Philippines accepts major credit and Debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and UnionPay. It also supports e-wallet transactions from Gcash, PayPal, and Grabpay.

However, it’s important to note that, as of this writing, Temu Philippines does not provide a cash-on-delivery (COD) option.

Is Temu a Legit Marketplace?

Temu Philippines in Smartphone

Despite skepticism regarding Temu’s legitimacy, it is indeed a legitimate online marketplace.

However, it’s unsurprising that the platform faced complaints soon after its launch in the USA. According to a Time article, customers reported issues such as undelivered packages, misleading advertisements, and unresponsive customer service.

As of June 2, 2024, Temu holds a 2.48 customer rating from the Better Business Bureau and has a C+ BBB rating. The organization also revealed that it received 2239 complaints in the last three years.

Meanwhile, the European Consumer Organisation has required Temu to adhere to the Digital Services Act. Temu needs to comply with stricter content rules as its users already exceeded 45 million.

Why are Products on Temu Marketplace so Cheap?

The affordability of the products is definitely the most attractive feature of the Temu e-commerce marketplace.

Analysts say that Temu’s bargain prices became possible because of its business model. Temu cut out the middlemen and sourced products directly from manufacturers. They ship their products directly from China rather than build a network of warehouses.

There were also reports that Temu asked its seller to lower their prices. Wired’s insider even revealed that Temu was the one who decided the price of their products. If the sellers do not agree, they will remove their products from the marketplace.

Temu is the Most Downloadable Shopping App in 2023

According to the latest data from Statista, the Temu e-commerce app was the most downloaded shopping app worldwide in 2023. The Temu app was downloaded 338 million times from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Temu’s primary competitor is Shein, which secured the second-most downloaded shopping app in the same year. To compare, Shein was downloaded 262 million times last year.

Top Filipino E-commerce App on Apple App Store

Temu Philippines on App Store

In the  Philippines, Temu has also captured a lot of attention, especially among iPhone and iPad users.  Data from Similarweb as of March 30, 2024, indicates that Temu has climbed to the top spot as the most downloaded free shopping app on the Apple App Store.

Shopee, which was the country’s top e-commerce marketplace for years, now takes the second place. This shift in rankings has fueled the ongoing debate of “Temu vs Shopee” within the local e-commerce scene.

Interestingly, Shopee found loyal users among Android users. According to SimilarWeb’s data for the same timeframe, Shopee retained its position as the top shopping app on the Google Play Store. Temu ranked fourth, trailing behind Lazada and Shein.

Major Marketing Move of Temu

Temu ads

If you’ve ever looked up Temu online, chances are you’ve encountered their advertisements repeatedly across various social media platforms (thanks to targeted cookies). Temu is taking digital marketing seriously, heavily investing in social media advertising.

Yet, that’s not their pinnacle marketing strategy. Temu has escalated its advertising efforts by securing spots for six prime-time commercials during this year’s Super Bowl. Beyond that, Temu also offered $10 million in promotional giveaways.

MediaRadar, an analytics firm monitoring ad campaigns and expenditures, reports that Temu spent $403 million last year on advertisements, marking a 1000% increase in their marketing budget.

Not open (YET) for Filipino Sellers (As of June 1, 2024)

Temu has already opened its platform for U.S. And European sellers, yet the door remains closed for Filipino sellers. Currently, Temu Philippines is an invite-only marketplace, accessible solely to sellers and businesses that have received invitations. 

The timeline for when Filipino sellers can freely join Temu is currently unclear. As of this writing, there are no dedicated Temu merchant pages in the existing domain or mobile app. There is also no information regarding this matter available on the FAQ page.

Follow Temu's Progress in the Philippines

Temu Philippines is definitely an e-commerce marketplace worth watching, not only by Filipino consumers but also by sellers and businesses. While it’s unclear for now if Temu will accept brands and sellers from the Philippines, its presence is sure to shake up the country’s e-commerce landscape.

Stay updated on Temu’s progress by reading our blogs. Need help with e-commerce? Contact our experts.

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