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Facebook Marketplace Ads: How to Advertise Your E-commerce Business on Marketplace?


How to Create a Facebook Marketplace Ad?

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As of 2021, Facebook Marketplace has billions of users around the world and 50 million sellers in different countries. Needless to say, this platform is growing. But for e-commerce businesses out there, how can you stand out from the crowd and attract more customers to your products? One effective strategy is to create Facebook Marketplace ads.

Yes, you read it right – advertising on Facebook Marketplace is now possible, enabling you to reach a wider audience who are actively looking for products to buy. In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential steps for setting up an ad on Facebook Marketplace.

What Is Facebook Marketplace Ad Anyway?

Facebook Marketplace Ads

In a nutshell, Marketplace ads are simply paid promotional listings that appear between regular product listings in the Facebook Marketplace.

While your ad appears among other regular products, you can choose different ad formats to set apart. Apart from images, you can use video and carousel as your ad format. Your Marketplace also comes with a sponsored label.

What sets Facebook marketplace ads apart from organic posting is the targeting feature. Here you can select specific demographics where your ads appear. This ensures that your ads reach people who are searching for products like yours.

Keep in mind that Marketplace ads also appear on other Meta platforms. This may include the Facebook News Feed, Instagram, Messenger, and the audience network.

Facebook Marketplace Ads Vs Boosted Marketplace Listings

Both Marketplace ads and boosted marketplace are paid features of Facebook that can help you reach more potential buyers. Naturally, both of these paid listings should abide by the Meta Advertising Policy. However, they have some key differences; here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Reach and Targeting:

Marketplace ads are more targeted than boosted Marketplace listings.

Facebook Marketplace Ads: can target a specific audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Boosted Marketplace Listings: These simply push your existing Marketplace listing to the top of search results and related listings. Your listing will be seen by more people browsing Marketplace in general, but you don’t have the same level of targeting control.

Cost and Duration:

Boosted Marketplace listings are potentially cheaper than Marketplace ads.

Facebook Marketplace Ads: You set a budget and duration for your ad campaign. You can pay per click (CPC), per impression (CPM), or for conversions (cost-per-action, CPA).

Boosted Marketplace Listings: You pay a one-time fee to boost your listing for a specific duration, typically 1, 3, or 7 days.

Content and Format:

Marketplace ads let you choose from different formats, such as images, videos, and text. On the other hand, Boosted marketplace listings only use the content you already have in your listing.

Facebook Marketplace Ads: You can create your ad with images, videos, and text.

Boosted Marketplace Listings: Your existing Marketplace listing content is used for the boost.

How to Set up Ads on the Marketplace?

goals for Facebook Marketplace ad

Before advertising on Facebook Marketplace, you need to create first a business manager account and integrate Facebook Pixel into your website for data insights. Once set up, follow these steps to create a Facebook Marketplace ad:

  1. Access the Ads Manager from your Facebook account.
  2. Click “Create” to create a new campaign
  3.  Select Ad Campaign Objective
  4. Specify your target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  5. Opt for manual placement and select ‘Marketplace‘ to ensure your ad appears there. 
  6. Set your budget and schedule
  7. Choose your ad format
  8. Add your ad content
  9. Review and Publish ad campaign!

Can you advertise services in Facebook Marketplace?

While there are ways to publish service ads on Facebook Marketplace, it violates Facebook community standards. Your ad may be removed at any time if you post it there

A better strategy is to join relevant groups where you can connect with your target audience and showcase your value. You can also leverage other Meta features to reach more potential customers.

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