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How to promote your business on social media for free?


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March 10, 2023

Using Social Media for Business

Social media is now part of our daily lives. It has changed not only the way we connect to other people, but also how business in different industries influence our buying behavior. It’s one more reason why it is important for all companies to have a good social media marketing strategy.

However, with so much content being published online and different brands vying for consumer attention, it can be tough for small businesses to keep up with the crowded competition. 

If you are on this page, chances are you are looking for social media promotion ideas for your small business. Or maybe you are looking for a way to promote your business for free. It is possible. In fact, with the right strategy, even a startup online retailer can stand out.

The key to success in social media marketing lies in creativity and a deep understanding of their audience. On this page, let’s look at some of the creative social media promotion ideas that could elevate your business.

Importance of Social Media Marketing for business

People nowadays are becoming more and more socially inclined. Social media is a strong influencer to consumers’ buying decisions, especially in the world of e-commerce. The product reviews, shares, and recommendation can improve buyer trust.  According to HubSpot, 71% of shoppers are more likely to buy products after it on social media.

Latest Statista data showed that there were more than five billion internet users worldwide as of April 2022 and 4.7 billion out of them are social media users. This number represents more than half or 59 percent of the world’s population.

Having a social media presence allows small businesses to reach this massive market. Thanks to advanced algorithms of different social media platforms, you can target specific demographics of users. For instance, when you launch paid ads on Facebook or Instagram, you can control where your ads appear based on users’ age, location, interest and so much more. With this, your social media marketing campaign can reach the right people.

The results of your social media marketing campaigns are also measurable. Social media like Facebook and Instagram have built in analytics tools for you to track your social media performance. This data can help you make more-informed decisions in improving your social media marketing strategy.

6 Free and Creative Ways to Promote your Business on Social Media

Compared to other forms of marketing strategy, promoting your products and business on social media are still relatively inexpensive. In fact, there are ways on how you can promote business on social media completely free.  

Want to know how to promote business on social media for free? We have gathered 6 proven social media promotion ideas and tips to help you get started.

1. Set up Your Social Media Profile

If you set up a business social media profile, make sure that everything is filled out. Yes, this social media marketing tip sounds like a no-brainer, but skipping this step could result in losing out a customer. Make sure to add details on how your customer can reach you.

Take time to share information about your business in the about us section. It’s a good strategy to add links to your business or hashtag on your profile. Doing this simple step can help you earn the trust of your audience.

2. Host a contest or offer giveaways

As the social media landscape continues to advance, different types appear on the online space. Right now, social media platforms aren’t only for blog contents, photos, and videos. When it comes to brand promotion, hosting a contest and offering giveaways might be the most effective.

There are several reasons why social media marketing strategy like this works smoothly. For one, we love free things, and so is your audience. And the fact that you are here (looking for a free social media promotion) is the proof of that.

Host a friendly competition and offer your products as a prize. This is a great way to connect with your audience. It can also drive brand and product awareness. If the winners liked your product, you have a better chance of converting them into loyal customers.

It is also a great opportunity for you to gather information about your audience. How? Before giving your info, you can send them a survey form to know their email address, contact information, and their interests. This data will be very valuable for your future marketing campaign.

3. Always engage

social media engagement

Take advantage of your business social media account to foster your relationship with your target market. Respond to inquiries and feedback as fast as you can. Give them the assurance that you can provide a helping hand whenever they need.  A simple act like this helps build a relationship with customers and creates a more personal connection.

Step up your social media marketing game by joining third party communities and online groups. It can be on reddit, Facebook, or on any other platform. Offer people good advice and suggestions when they have problems or questions. Make sure to respond as well to those negative reviews. Take advantage of the bad situation to increase your credibility.

4. Pair your content with hashtag

Adding a hashtag to your every content can improve its visibility online. Using a hashtag also lets you reach those smaller communities that share the same interest. With that said, choosing a hashtag for your content is crucial.

If you are a small business or startups, don’t use overly brilliant or cryptic hashtags. This won’t do anything good to your social media marketing campaign, as no one is going to search for it.

Don’t attempt to come up with overly brilliant or cryptic hashtags. If you select a tag that no one will look for, your marketing will suffer since it will not be found! Also don’t use broad terms as hashtags. If you do this, chances are your content will get lost in a sea of unrelated posts. Instead, choose a more detailed and specific hashtag for better results.

5. Your humor is a weapon

Humorous contents work on social media and it is not hard to understand why. People love to laugh. It is why satire and humorous contents have the potential to go viral. When your social media account produces something funny, it can quickly become a conversation starter. Think of the time when you shared jokes with your workmates. Or those times you tagged someone with funny memes. You can take advantage of this opportunity to engage with your audience.

6. Tag your product on your content

This feature works on Facebook and Instagram. Here you can tag a product directly on your content.  This tag is clickable allowing your audience to directly shop the moment they see your content.

Shoppable content is an effective and free social media marketing strategy. This type of content enhances the customer shopping experience. It dramatically reduces the steps that the consumer has to take to make the purchase.

Bring more bang to your bucks

Marketing on Social Media

Marketing your business and products doesn’t need to be expensive. With a bit of creativity and some strategic planning, you can turn social media into a very powerful marketing tool.

Social media marketing is a cost-efficient way for small businesses to reach new customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales. However, you need to get it right to get the result you wanted. Don’t know where to start? Be Global E-commerce is here to help you.

Maximize Your Social Media Presence Without Breaking the Bank.

We are committed to bringing small businesses and startups to greater heights via different digital marketing strategies. Start growing today by contacting our representatives. 



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