Fulfillment of Orders

Making sure all purchases in your online platforms are properly and securely packed, fulfilled, and handed over to our partner couriers. With our Fulfillment services, we ensure that your customer receives their orders safely and on time. As your fulfillment provider, we consistently uphold the standard of excellence with your brand to provide a good customer experience 

Managing your store in one Station 

Growing your business is fun and a challenging experience. You need to keep track of your inventory and fulfillment, which include receiving, packing, and shipping orders. If you are in the E-commerce industry or a start-up business, this can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Luckily, Be Global E-commerce offer a complete and customized order fulfillment solution in the Philippines. 

We specialize in e-commerce fulfillment, warehouse fulfillment, and picking and packing of products. Our fulfillment expert will handle everything to help you save time, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. From packaging to delivery, we will take care of your products until it reaches your buyers’ doorstep. 

Our Affordable Order Fulfillment Services

  • Inventory Management – Our fulfillment center uses a straightforward and advanced inventory management system to keep track of your stocks at all times. Our team regularly updates and ensures that your inventory is accurate and up-to-date. We monitor your inventory levels and manage stock rotation to avoid overselling or unexpected shortages of stocks. 
  • Order Picking and Assembly – Picking and assembly of products are one of the most crucial steps of order fulfillment. To ensure that other fulfillment steps go smoothly, you must meet the specific requirements of every product. Our team is trained to handle even the most delicate item. Whether it’s a fragile electronic, a frozen good, or FMCG – we can pack it with precision and care. 
  • Shipping and Receiving – Solve all your shipping needs in one place. At Be Global E-commerce Corporation, we can connect you to top carriers in the Philippines. This means that your products will surely be delivered safely and quickly. What’s more, if you partner with us you can enjoy the best shipping rate available in the market.
  • Order Tracking – Order tracking is also an essential step for successful order fulfillment. It offers visibility into your orders until your products are received by your buyers. At our fulfillment center, we provide real-time order tracking so you can monitor the status of your orders whenever you wanted. We also send emails and tracking information to keep your customer updated. 
  • Return management – Returns can sometimes be complicated and expensive. However, you still need to offer it to boost your credibility and improve customer experience. This is why we offer return management service. We will handle the entire process from issuing return labels to processing your customers’ refunds. With us, you can save time, and money, while improving your customer relationship.

Best E-commerce Fulfilment Services at Your Fingertips 

Fulfilling orders of your customers can sometimes overwhelming. As your brand or e-commerce business grow so does your responsibility. We offer comprehensive and customizable order fulfillment service to make your process easier and faster. We will be with you from packing to shipping your products. By letting do the orfulfillment work, you can focus on growing your business. 

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