All you need to know about the Professional Website Package

Professional Website Package

For websites where content is the main focus. Perfect for those who want to establish trust, connect with their audience, and convey information effectively.

Package Details

In the Professional package, we lead you through a content-focused design journey. Your content and our design concepts are presented in a visual blueprint, allowing you to review consistency, content hierarchy, and flow. Unlike solely visual approaches, we prioritize clarity of message and effective information organization. This ensures that users can easily grasp and absorb key details about your products and services.

Web Design Collaboration

What you will get?

The Professional package comes with 6 primary pages, and you can easily add more pages, features, and subpages whenever you want. We provide help with content suggestions, organizing the structure, creating headings, and ensuring smooth flow.

Main Features

Websites are constructed to meet rigorous technical standards, prioritizing ease of maintenance and user experience. Our systems are crafted using WordPress, the industry benchmark, alongside premium plugins. This guarantees that your website remains secure, swift, and compatible with the latest browsers. You retain full ownership of the website and its code, empowering you to enhance it as you see fit post-construction.

Our designs are engineered with maintenance simplicity, SEO optimization, security reinforcement, and digital marketing effectiveness in mind.

Responsive Design

Editable Contents

Safe and Secured

Integrated with Analytics

On-page Optimized

Boosted Loading Speed

Professional Website Package Highlights

The nature of your business significantly influences the kind of website required and the expectations of your users. Be Global E-commerce Corporation packages take into account your business type and content requirements, resulting in clean, simple, effective websites that offer excellent value for money.

Collaborative teamwork

We work in small, specialized teams, ensuring direct interaction with each member for personalized attention and expertise.

Comprehensive Testing

Our team ensures your website is error-free both before and after launch, guaranteeing a seamless and complete online presence.

Open Support

At every step, we're here to help you understand your options, guide you through the process, and remain transparent about our actions.

Team of Professionals

BGE is constantly evolving. With the extensive weight of our experience behind you and your project, you can trust in continuous improvement and advancement.

Build with Efficiency

Your website is constructed efficiently without skipping steps or rushing. We employ the latest techniques and strategies to ensure swift and thorough development.

Innovative Methodologies

Our approach is distinct. Your website will be constructed in a manner that aligns precisely with your requirements and business objectives.


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