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At Be Global E-Commerce Corporation, we aim to provide E‑Commerce business solutions to companies and brands that want to enter the E-Commerce industry in the Philippines.

Why Choose BGE Corp?

Be Global E-Commerce Corporation provides E‑Commerce end-to-end solutions service to companies and brands in the Philippines

From Account Management, Digital Marketing, Warehouse & Fulfillment to After Sales Support. With our rich experience in E‑Commerce and our resilient & efficient culture, we are able to help and empower brands to reach their maximum potential in the E‑Commerce industry.

Brands and companies partner with us to revolutionize the way they offer products online.

Our Services

Marketplace Management

Run the digital stores of the brand in chosen e-commerce platforms.

Content Creation, Optimization and Management

Devoting creative and digital marketing expertise to promote the brand's performance in marketplaces.

Performance Marketing within the Platform and Digital Campaign Coordination

Utilizing different marketing initiatives and strategies to boost attraction and performance of the brands presence in the platforms.

Analytics, Insights and Business Intelligence

Analyzing product movements and overall brand's performance that go hand in hand with the overall sales strategies for the brand.

Warehousing and Fulfillment of Orders

Providing secured product warehousing, quality control, monitoring of orders, returns and replacement management, and picking and packing up until delivery to customers.

Order Inventory System

Inventory management of digital stores proper monitoring of the status of the brand's products.

Customer Experience Relationship

Providing consistent and dependable assistance to end consumers in case of product inquiries, order concerns, and claims processing.

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