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How to Know If You Need a Fulfillment Center: 7 Tell-tale Signs for E-commerce Businesses 


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Starting an e-commerce is surely an exciting journey. Storing products, fulfilling orders, and answering inquiries by yourself is a fun thing to do. However, as your online business gains momentum, your DIY approach may no longer be enough to manage your exponential growth. So, is it time to outsource an e-commerce fulfillment partner?

Although fulfillment services can offer numerous benefits to your e-commerce business, the decision ultimately rests with you. But, we can help you recognize the subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs that your e-commerce business needs a professional hand. Keep reading to find out the 7 warning lights you should never overlook.

1. Customer Growth Isn’t Manageable

Too many E-commerce order

Having a growing number of customers is definitely a huge achievement for any retail business, both online and offline. However, maintaining the level of service can be such a challenge at this point. If you can’t keep up with the growing number of orders, then you need a help from professional.

Your e-commerce fulfillment provider will handle everything, from storage and warehousing to packing and shipping of orders. They ensure that your products are safe and secure until they reach your customer’s doorsteps.

2. Delays in Order Fulfillment

delays in delivery

For years, customers have been conditioned to receive their orders instantly. So, these days, they expect quick delivery of their orders and they won’t settle for less. According to a study by McKinsey, half of the consumers are likely to shop elsewhere if delivery times are too long. Moreover, McKinsey also found that 42% of retail companies are already aiming for same-day delivery since 2022.

Speed matters in E-commerce. If your order fulfillment process is riddled with delays, maybe it’s time for you to look for a reliable e-commerce fulfillment partner. It’s a tell-tale sign that your e-commerce business cannot keep up with self-fulfillment.

42% of retail companies are already aiming for same-day delivery since 2022.

3. Multiple Discrepancy in Inventory

discrepancy in inventory

If you are struggling to handle your inventory, you are facing a serious problem. An accurate inventory is one of the foundations of a smooth e-commerce process. If you have a disorganized record, it can lead to delays and errors in shipping.

What’s worse, you can lose a huge opportunity. Imagine finding out that your products are out of stock during a mega sale event. How would you explain to your customers that their orders are not available without disappointing them?

Having an e-commerce fulfillment partner can help you avoid this scenario. Look for a fulfillment company that can offer a reliable inventory management system to track and optimize your inventory level.

4. Limited Warehousing Space

Need more space for warehousing

Storage space is a common issue in a scaling e-commerce business. You’re probably receiving more orders or maybe you’re expanding your product line. Either way, you need enough storage space that can meet the unique needs of your products.

One option is to rent a warehouse space yourself. But this can be costly and inflexible. Working with a fulfillment company is still more convenient. Not only that they have a good warehouse space, but they also have a highly trained staff who can handle the storage and shipping of your products for you

5. Expensive Shipping Cost

expensive shipping cost

Shipping is an essential part of the fulfillment process and it can take a massive chunk of your company expenses. But did you know that partnering with a fulfillment company can actually reduce your shipping cost?

E-commerce fulfillment companies often receive lower and exclusive rates from different carriers. This is all thanks to the frequent and large volumes of orders they handle. If you choose to work with them, you and your customers can inherit the perks of these shipping discounts.

6. Your Customers are Complaining

reading bad customer reviews

If you start receiving complaints then this means that there is already an error in the process. If you don’t act fast, you may end up ruining the reputation you have built.

Choosing to outsource your e-commerce fulfillment can dramatically improve your customer experience. In fact, some companies can handle customer service and returns for you. Working with the right provider can help you minimize further damage.

7. You’re Expanding Your Business

Planning to expand Business with fulfillment partner

So, you’re planning to expand? That’s great! This means that you’re ready for an e-commerce fulfillment partner.

Fulfillment company in the Philippines typically has multiple warehouse locations. In fact, some organization has international reach. Partnering with them allows you to bring your product closer to your customers. This only means faster and more efficient delivery.

Do You Need an E-commerce Fulfillment Partner?

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